WIG WAM – Glam (Vo) (2005) (English)




Glam is the most popular member of the band thanks to his way of taking care of fans. You see how well he treats them at the official message boards/forums. As long as he has some time he trys to talk to his fans/to be online to answer fans’ questions. Sometimes he trys to have time for fans even when he has to wake up early in the next morning.
He really loves fish – love for Sushi of him and Sporty is incredibly “huge”.
He describes himself as “the turbo guy” in the interview of ours. I think he’s not just in full speed, he really watches others, listens to them carefully and remembers well what we told. The impression of how he looks in those costumes/make-up would let some people think wrong, I can tell you he’s quite a clever person (and so other guys of the band are).
On the other hand he says “I always leave a material in my hotel room (so I have to check double)” *S*