WIG WAM – Teeny (G) (2005) (English)





For me the impression as “Trond Holter for DREAM POLICE” was strong and I was really disappointed to find the promotional tour of DREAM POLICE (it was announced with a fan event in some magazines here) for the 2nd album was cancelled as the band broke up. When I talked about it to him he started apologizing like “I’m sorry we couldn’t come to Japan.” even though it was over 10 years ago and was never his fault. When I said “You don’t have to sorry about it.” he said “I think I have a responsibility at least a little.”
Teeny doesn’t like fish, the opposite to Glam. I remember he told that he really got bored of eating fish as he had a lot in his childhood in his hometown where people can have a lot of fish.
He had to let their crew to play rhythm guitars for him instead as his left arm which has been a “tennis arm” for years was getting worse. He says “We don’t want to cancell shows which are already confirmed.” We’re happy to find his arm is getting
much better and he can play all the guitar now. He couldn’t play guitar for 6 years after DREAM POLICE broke up. Please take good care of your arm all the time, Teeny…..