WIG WAM – Sporty (Ds) (2005) (English)




Sporty is described as a funny guy in the band. It seems he jokes a lot, unfortunately we don’t understand when he says something in Norwegian. When I gave him a letter, he said “A Christmas present?”
He is another guy who loves Sushi in the band. He, Glam and their tour manager are united as “Sushi Union”. I hope to go to Sushi restaurants with you guys when you come to Japan, Sporty!
Sporty prepares perfectly, brings his luggage with him when he comes downstairs to have breakfast – when Glam has to finish his breakfast quickly to pack his luggages!
I’ve seldom seen Sporty online at the official forums before, hope to see him there!
Sporty always noticed that I was going to take a photo of the band. Tusen takk!
You see the sun still shines a bit on the photo, it’s midnight sun in summer in Scandinavia…..it was around 11pm!