Satin – E-mail Interview (2022) (English)

Satin’s 3rd album “APPETITION” will be released on the 14th of October 2022 from ART OF MELODY (Italy) and SPIRITUAL BEAST (Japan). He talked about the album with full of very melodic and beautiful pieces as his fans expect.



S-ROCK: Since COVID-19 2020 the world has been changed and many things were restricted. Every artist couldn’t do gigs, for every band it was hard to have even a session at studio. You did some online gigs on YouTube by yourself and with your brother Ronny as PEGASUS. How were your days under restriction and did it give you any good/bad changes?

Satin: What it did, was to show that there certainly is life besides music. I’m so used to, almost addicted, to working with music and I get so caught up in “the job” that I totally forget about life itself. What I mean by life, is for example just sitting on the couch with your partner talking about other things than work, taking a walk outside without it being an exercise, just taking in your surroundings. I didn’t like the live-streaming situation at all and that’s why there were so few. It was like taping for a TV-show. There’s nobody to play to, except a camera. I’m so used to play off the vibe that people give during our performances and when you don’t see anybody, it gets weird.
But, luckily for me, most artists have a personal need for exposure. So when they couldn’t play shows due to COVID, they released music. So I was overbooked with studio-projects during that time and, thankfully, did financially very well.

S-ROCK: And Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the world has faced to another difficult things. Your country Norway has the border next to Russia, the same in Japan, they won’t come by tank as there is Japan Sea and Sea of Okhotsk between us and them though. What have Norwegian people thought and reacted about it?

Satin: It is of course a horrible and frightening situation for everyone because you never know what it may lead to. Norway has been taking in refugees and given the children a place in school to be around and interact with other kids. I don’t believe that there is a possibility that Russia will invade Norway at this moment. It’s already a huge setback for the world that they invaded Ukraine.

S-ROCK: Your new album “APPETITION” will be out on the 14th of October after 5 years from “IT’S ABOUT TIME”. It took 5 years because of COVID-19 issues or you just took time enough to release the best materials? Any difference of creating music before/after restriction?

To be completely honest, I wasn’t going to release anymore Satin music after IT’S ABOUT TIME. It was great knowing that my albums did very well and the Japanese label (ANDERSTEIN)’s stock sold out in only two days. But, Satin is strictly a studio-project. Except for a little snippet of “Don’t Know The Words” on the ROCK THE BOAT Cruise in 2019, I have never performed a Satin song Live. So I felt that since I can’t promote the music properly, it’s better to just leave it be.But there has been so much demand for more Satin music over the years that it became a bit overwhelming. So to put a little damper on the demand, I recorded and released the song “Going Your Way” back in November of 2021. No promotion, no video, just an announcement in a Facebook post. People loved the song and it started going around.
About two weeks after the release, I was contacted by the Italian Label BURNING MINDS MUSIC GROUP who was wondering about my plans for an album and the possibility for a collaboration. I had a couple of ideas for songs lying around and I also went back in time and picked some songs I wrote when I was a kid. Most of the songs on IT’S ABOUT TIME was written when I was between 13 and 17 years old. Those old songs are of course reworked with some new lyrics and parts. It gives the songs an authenticity by being written back in 1989 through 1993 when this type of rock music was in it’s prime. But, being fully booked with other projects in my studio, I had to record, mix and master this album on my spare time. Not an optimal setting, but I think the album turned out great.

S-ROCK: Brief comments on each track including the bonus track for Japan, long ones are welcome if you like 😉

Satin: 01. Going Your Way
This song is built around a song I wrote when I was 14 years old called “Love Is In The Way”. I swapped out the verses and wrote a new melody line for the chorus which is exactly like the intro riff. The original chorus is the “breakdown” part after the guitar solo. So instead of singing “Going Way Too Fast” it was “Love Is In The Way”.

02. Angels Come, Angels Go
I’ve had so many versions of this song. I really love everything about this song and it’s one of my favourite songs that I’ve written up to date. I think it’s really cool that when the chorus is suppose to explode with a bang, it completely breaks down to just a piano and vocal. Lyrically, it’s about people on the rebound and one night stands. Many people who have been dumped in a relationship are capable of really hurting themselves or spiraling down a bad path. These people that suddenly come along and have a short affair, a fling or a one night stand with them, gives them a little hope, comfort, self worth and a way to get back up on their feet and keep on wanting to live. I refer to them as the “angels”.

03. Waiting For Another Man
This was on the list of tracks to be on “SATIN 2014” and “IT’S ABOUT TIME”. Somehow I felt it didn’t fit in, so I put it aside. But, it was one of the the first ones to be picked for this album. This song is uptempo and catchy. Lyrically it’s about impatient and desperate people that needs someone there all the time, and therefore won’t find someone to settle down with. Desperation is a killer in any circumstance.

04. Everybody Needs To Be Loved
A feel-good and catchy song that was written for the PEGASUS album “VENDEPUNKT”. I have always loved this song and I really like the way it turned out. The title is self explanatory; No matter who you are, you need love.

05. A Dream Coming True
I was 13 or 14 when I wrote this song and it was then called “Be With You”. I reworked the lyrics in the verse and bridge, but kept some of the original lines. The chorus is original except the last line. That was changed from “So why can’t I be with you” to “It’s like a dream coming true”. Crazy to think that so many of the Satin songs finally see the light after 30-some-odd years.

06. Looking At You
This was written back in 1998 for a project that involved some R’n’B artists. When I was finished writing the song, I liked it so much that I kept it for myself. To me, this sounded like a cool rock track more than an R’n’B song. It works very well as R’n’B too, but I’m glad I made the decision to keep it. It always gave me that “Stop Loving You” by TOTO vibe.

07. Pearly Gates
Oh, my! Now where talking “oldie, but goodie”. This is so early on that I can’t remember when I wrote it, so It must have been when I was 12 or 13 years old. It was called “Running All The Way To The Pearly Gates”. The lyrics were rewritten about 20 years ago and was then titled “Levina’s Tent”. I changed the title back to “Pearly Gates” for this album.

08. Jenny (I’m Bringing You Down)
I used to play this song live with my band “MIRACLE” back when I was 16 years old. What’s cool about this song is that it starts out as a ballad, but completely stops right before the second verse. Then there’s a guitar riff and the song kicks in to an uptempo rocker. Lyrically, it’s about the frustration of someone leaving you because they think they are bringing you down.

09. Still Waiting
Written for the “SATIN 2014” album. I don’t know why it didn’t make that album, but I know it was too “soft” to be on “IT’S ABOUT TIME”. This is also a song that is one of my favourites.

10. Fight Again
Yet again, an old song that has been reworked lyrically, but everything musical is original. The song structure, intro riff, chords and melody is from a song I wrote when I was 14 years old called “Someone To Share My Life With”. It’s pretty much a straight forward rocker and lyrically about almost losing yourself. For a lot of people, life is hard and always will be!

11. Blame The Flame (bonus track for Japan)
This is such a cool song! I had twelve songs recorded for “APPETITION” and I wanted it to contain 10 songs to follow suit to the previous two. The Japan edition needed a bonus track, so I had to remove a song, and that ended up being a song called “Get Less Than Half Back”. When it came time to chose which song to be the bonus track, I went back and forth a thousand times. But, then I realized that it actually doesn’t matter which song I chose because everything ends up on for example YouTube, so everybody will hear it anyways. It’s always great when the bonus track is at the same quality level as the rest of the album.

S-ROCK: On the album cover of APPETITION we can find a face (of yours?) and US dollars, on the left side there’s something like a tire, and on the back of your logo there’s something oval. The artwork shows things related to appetition?

Satin: Yes, that’s correct. Very well detected. The circular object behind the logo is the earth. There are some things hidden in there that only I will know about. This album is lyrically about love, happiness, strength and well-being. These are things I believe people truly long for, and the way and means to get there are different for everybody. So the cover represents items that is widely affiliated with desire.

S-ROCK:  Previous 2 albums of yours were out from your own label VERUM MUSIC. This time you’ve got a contract with ART OF MELODY MUSIC. Why? VERUM MUSIC is still working?

Satin: ART OF MELODY MUSIC contacted me after the initial release of “Going Your Way” in November 2021. I wasn’t planning on doing an album. But when they told me they wanted to work together, I said that I could record ten songs and send them over. If they liked what they heard, they could offer a proposal and if they didn’t like it, I’d release it through VERUM MUSIC. They said they loved it and wanted to release it, so here we are.

S-ROCK: Any gig plans with APPETITION album? How about coming to Japan 😉 ?

Satin: As mentioned earlier, Satin is strictly a studio-project and was never intended for playing live. There’s now talk about doing a show in Italy, but we’ll see what happens and what the future might bring. Hehe… Japan has always been a country I have associated with music and lovers of music. I have so many Japanese editions of various albums and every band that I loved growing up was playing shows in Japan. There are circumstances that makes it highly unlikely, but you’ll never know 😉

S-ROCK: What is your “appetition” besides for music?

Satin: What I strive for in life is what’s in my lyrics. I’ve already mentioned that this album is lyrically about love, happiness, strength and well being. These are also my desires!

S-ROCK: Your messages to your fans who visit S-ROCK website, tusen takk!

Satin: I would like to thank everybody for their support and for spending their precious time giving my music a chance to make an impact in any way possible! I really appreciate it.



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Satin – E-mail Interview (2022) (日本語)

Satin’の3枚目のアルバム “APPETITION” が2022年10月14日にART OF MELODY(イタリア)とSPIRITUAL BEAST(日本)から発売されます。ファンが期待するとてもメロディックで美しい楽曲満載のアルバムについてSatin本人が語りました。



S-ROCK: 2020年のコロナウイルス蔓延以来世界は変化し、多くの事が制限されました。アーティストは皆ライヴを開催する事が出来なくなり、バンドはスタジオ・セッションを行う事すら困難になりました。貴方はYouTubeで貴方自身、そしてお兄さんのRonnyと共にPEGASUSとしてオンライン・ライヴを開催しましたね。制限下ではどの様に過ごしていましたか?そしてそれは貴方に良い・悪い変化をもたらしましたか?

Satin: コロナ禍がもたらしたのは、音楽の他に人生が確かにあるのを示したって事だと思う。俺はとても慣れ過ぎていて、ほぼ中毒と言っていい位、音楽の仕事に没頭し夢中になり過ぎて人生を完全に忘れてしまうのさ。人生における意味とは、例えばパートナーと共にソファーに座って仕事以外の事をあれこれ話すとか、運動としてではなくて外を歩いてみたり、ただ自分の周囲をね。ライヴ・ストリーミングは全く好きじゃなかった、だから殆どやらなかったんだ。TV番組用の収録みたいだったからさ。観客が誰もいなくて、カメラしかなかった。俺達のパフォーマンスの間に人々がくれるヴァイブを上手く使う事に慣れてるから、誰も見えないなんて変じゃないか。

S-ROCK: そして2022年2月にロシアがウクライナに侵攻して、世界は新たな難しい局面を迎えました。貴方の母国ノルウェーはロシアと国境を接しています、日本も同様ですが、彼等は日本海やオホーツク海に阻まれて戦車で攻め込む事はありません。ノルウェーの人達はこの侵攻について何を思い、どんな反応をしていますか?

Satin: 勿論皆にとっても酷くて恐ろしいと思う、だって誰にもどうなるか分からないからさ。ノルウェーは難民を受け入れていて、子供達には学校の中に居場所を作って他の子供達と交流出来る様にしているんだ。現時点ではロシアがノルウェーに侵攻する様な可能性があるとは信じてないよ。彼等がウクライナに侵攻したという事実は既に世界にとって巨大な失敗だ。

S-ROCK: 貴方の新譜 “APPETITION”は”IT’S ABOUT TIME”から5年の時を経て10月14日に発売されますね。コロナ禍故か、それとも最高の曲を揃える為に時間がかかったという事でしょうか?制限下前と後では音楽制作に違いはありますか?

Satin: 完全に正直に言うと、IT’S ABOUT TIMEの後に更にSatinの音楽を発表するつもりはなかったんだ。俺のアルバムが売れて日本のレーベル(ANDERSTEIN)の在庫がたった2日で売り切れたのを知るのは本当に素晴らしい事だったよ。でも、Satinは厳密にスタジオ・プロジェクトなんだ。2019年のROCK THE BOATでの”Don’t Know The Words”のちょっとした演奏を除いてSatinの楽曲をライヴで演奏した事は一度もないんだよ。Satinの音楽を正しく宣伝出来ない以上そのままにしておく方がいいと思っていた。だけど何年もSatinの音楽に対する需要が多くて、少し圧倒的と言える位になっていたんだ。その需要過多をちょっと抑える為に2021年11月に”Going Your Way”をレコーディングして発表したのさ。プロモなし、ビデオなし、FACEBOOKでの告知のみだった。みんな気に入ってくれて、話題になっていった。
発表から2週間位して、イタリアのレーベルBURNING MINDS MUSIC GROUPから連絡があったんだ、俺がアルバムを作る予定はないのか、一緒に仕事が出来ないかってね。置いておいた2、3曲の曲のアイディアがあったのと、遡って子供の頃に書いた曲の幾つかを選んだのさ。IT’S ABOUT TIMEの曲の殆どは俺が13~17歳の頃に書かれたものだった。それらの古い曲は勿論幾らか新しい歌詞やパートに書き換えられているよ。この種類のロックが最盛期だった89~93年の間に書かれた事による信ぴょう性を与えているんだ。でも、自分のスタジオで他のプロジェクトの予定が一杯だったから、空いた時間でこのアルバムのレコーディング、ミキシングとマスタリングをしなくちゃならなかった。最適な環境ではなかったけれど、作品としてとても上手くいったと思っているよ。



S-ROCK: 日本向けのボーナス・トラックも含めて各曲について短いコメントを頂けますか、ご希望なら長くなっても大歓迎です 😉

Satin: 01. Going Your Way
この曲は、俺が14歳の頃書いた”Love Is In The Way”を基に構築した曲なんだ。ヴァースを入れ替えて、まさにイントロリフのようなコーラスの為に新たなメロディー・ラインを書いた。オリジナルのコーラスはギターソロの後の「崩壊」パートなんだ。だから”Going Way Too Fast”と歌う代わりに”Love Is In The Way”だったよ。

02. Angels Come, Angels Go

03. Waiting For Another Man
これは14年のSATINアルバムとIT’S ABOUT TIMEアルバムの楽曲リストにあったものだ。どういう訳か合わないなと感じたから外したのさ。でも、このアルバムの為に選ばれた最初の曲の1つだったんだ。この曲はアップテンポでキャッチーさ。歌詞については、常に誰かが一緒に居るのが必要で我慢出来ず絶望的な人々で、それ故落ち着いた関係を築ける相手を見つけられない、という内容なんだ。絶望はどんな状況でも辛いよね。

04. Everybody Needs To Be Loved 

05. A Dream Coming True
この曲を書いた時俺は13か14歳で、曲名は”Be With You” だった。ヴァースとブリッジの歌詞を書き換えたんだ、でもオリジナルの文章の幾つかは残したよ。コーラスは最後の部分以外はオリジナルのままさ。”So why can’t I be with you”から”It’s like a dream coming true”に変更したんだ。30数年の後にとても多くのSatinの楽曲が日の目を見るなんて考えるだけでイカレてるよ。

06. Looking At You
この曲はR&Bアーティスト達が関わるプロジェクトの為に98年に書いた曲だよ。この曲を書き上げた時、とても気に入ったから自分用に取っておいたんだ。俺には、この曲はR&Bというよりもかっこいいロックの曲みたいに聞こえたのさ。R&Bとしても上手くいってるけど、これを取っておく決断をして良かったよ。TOTOの”Stop Loving You”の雰囲気を常に与えてくれたんだ。

07. Pearly Gates
なんてこった!「古い、でもいい曲」の話をしようか。この曲を書いたのがいつだか思い出せない位初期の作品だと思う、だから12、13歳位の時じゃないかな。”Running All The Way To The Pearly Gates”というタイトルだったよ。約20年前に歌詞を書き換えて、タイトルを”Levina’s Tent”に変えたのさ。このアルバム用に再度タイトルを”Pearly Gates”に変更したんだ。

08. Jenny (I’m Bringing You Down)

09. Still Waiting
SATINアルバムの為に書いた曲なんだ。何故あのアルバムに収録しなかったのか分からないな、でもIT’S ABOUT TIMEに入れるにはソフト過ぎたのは分かってる。この曲も俺のお気に入りの1つなんだ。

10. Fight Again
更にもう一つ、歌詞を書き換えた古い曲で、でも音楽の部分はオリジナルのままだよ。この曲の構造、イントロ・リフ、コードとメロディーは14歳の時に書いた”Someone To Share My Life With”という曲から取ってるよ。とても真っすぐなロック曲で歌詞はほぼ自分を見失っている事を書いてあるんだ。多くの人々にとって人生は辛いもので、常にそうであろうものだよね!

11. Blame The Flame (bonus track for Japan)
これはとてもかっこいい曲だ!APPETITIONアルバムの為に12曲レコーディングして、過去の2作品に追随する10曲にこの1曲を含めたかった。日本盤にボーナストラック1曲が必要だったから、1曲削らなければならなかったんだ、そして最終的に”Get Less Than Half Back”という曲になった。ボーナストラック用の曲をどれにするか選ぶ時が来た時、千回はあれでもないこれでもないと迷ったんだ。でも、どの曲を選ぶかなんて全く問題じゃないと気付いたのさ、だっていずれは例えばYouTubeにアップされちゃうだろ、そうなればみんな聴けてしまう様になる。アルバムの他の曲同様の質をボーナストラックが持っているのはいつても最高だね。



S-ROCK: APPETITIONのアルバム・ジャケットには顔(貴方の?)と米ドル、左側にはタイヤの様な何かと、ロゴの後ろには楕円の様なものが見えます。このアートワークは「欲望」に関連するものを表しているのですか?

Satin: ああ、合ってるよ。とても良く見つけたね。ロゴの後ろの円形の物体は地球なんだ。俺が知るだろう隠されたいくつかのものがそこにはある。このアルバムは愛、幸福、強さと心身共の健康を歌詞に込めているんだ。これらは人々が真に求めているものだと俺は信じているし、全ての人にとって解釈が異なるものなんだ。だからアルバム・カヴァーは欲望に紐付いている物達を広く象徴しているのさ。

S-ROCK:  過去2作品は貴方自身のレーベルVERUM MUSICから発売されていました。今回はART OF MELODY MUSICと契約しました、何故でしょう?VERUM MUSICはまだ稼働していますか?

Satin: 21年11月に”Going Your Way”を最初に発表した後ART OF MELODY MUSICが連絡をくれたんだ。アルバムを制作するつもりはなかったんだよ。でも彼等が一緒に仕事がしたいと言ってくれた時、俺は10曲レコーディングして送る事が出来ると言ったのさ。彼等が聴いたものを気に入ったら、彼等は企画を提案出来て、気に入って貰えなければ自分でVERUM MUSICから発売していただろうね。彼等は気に入って発売したいと言ってくれたから、こうなったんだよ。

S-ROCK: APPETITIONアルバムでのライヴの予定はありますか?来日するのはどうでしょう? 😉

Satin: 前に話した通り、Satinは厳密なスタジオ・プロジェクトでライヴ演奏する事を意図した事が決してなかったんだ。イタリアでライヴをやらないかという話を今していているけれど、どうなるか、未来は何を運んでくれるやら。ヘヘ…。日本はいつも俺が音楽と音楽を愛する人達と関わりを持ってきた国だ。色々なアルバムのとても多くの日本盤を持っているし、俺が大好きだった全てのバンドは日本でライヴをやってるのさ。とてもありそうにない状況だけど、どうなるか分からないよね 😉

S-ROCK: 音楽以外の貴方の「欲望」は何ですか?

Satin: 人生で俺が努力している事は俺の歌詞に込められているよ。既に語った様にこのアルバムは愛と幸福と強さと心身共の健康を歌ったものだ。これらは俺の欲望でもあるんだ!

S-ROCK: S-ROCKサイトを訪問する貴方のファンにメッセージをお願いします。ありがとうございました!

Satin: 君達のサポートと、あらゆる方法で影響を与えるチャンスを俺の音楽にくれる為に君達の貴重な時間を割いてくれて本当に感謝しているんだ!本当にありがとう。S*



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Satin – 20th Anniversary Message

2017年発売の最新アルバム”IT’S ABOUT TIME”








Stay Gold



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Satin – E-mail Interview (English)

The latest shot of Satin 2018


S-ROCK: Last time we asked you our questionnaire with basic questions, and now we’d like to ask you more about your albums, career, thoughts and so on. 

First of all your 1st solo album SATIN was out in Japan last month with bonus tracks after CD-R version was sold out through ANDERSTEIN MUSIC, how do you feel about it?

Satin: How that feels can’t be described with words. But, I’ll try and it is sort of like this: 

You write your little songs, you record your little songs, you mix and master your little songs, you release your little songs and suddenly, BAM; They aren’t little songs anymore. They’re now big songs; being listened to by thousands of people, being played on radio stations across the globe, talked about on podcast, shared on Social Media, getting reviewed by magazines and websites, people now sing along to these songs, party to these songs, they cry to these songs, make love to these songs and people are having personal opinions about those songs. Knowing that there is someone who resides in a country with a 7 hours time difference who believe there is a marked there for these songs as a product, it makes you, not only very happy, but very proud!



S-ROCK: I heard ANDERSTEIN MUSIC suggested you to change the artwork of Japanese release of SATIN album, but you didn’t like the idea. You just wanted to stay your photo to show you’re an solo artist?

Satin: No, that’s not true. I have not been approached by Anderstein Music regarding altering the album cover at any time. There was a question by Masao Fujiki in the liner notes of the ‘Japanese Edition’ of my debut album regarding the album cover being a black and white photo of me, and my answer was this: 

The album doesn’t have a title. It is just the name of the artist; “Satin”. So I went with a picture of the artist.”

S-ROCK: Would you let us know each track of IT’S ABOUT TIME as we can read your comments on each track of SATIN album in the booklet of Japanese CD and we’d like to know 🙂

Satin: Look Up In The Sky

The verses and pre-ref was written last year and the chorus and the bridge(after the solo) was written when I was 14 years old. 

The lyrics in the chorus sounds like a kids rhyme. The story is that I was nervous about an upcoming gig. As I sat out on my porch one night, I looked up at the sky and gazed at the stars. I saw a star that had a multicolor twinkle and I locked my eyes to only that star. Every night I “talked” to the star and was, in a weird way, asking it to “help” me through the gig. The gig went amazingly well and topped everything prior. I knew that this star didn’t do anything to that situation, but I liked the idea of it and wrote a song around it. 

Every winter when this star comes around up here in Norway, I smile when I see it.

I’ll Never Let You Down

This song could easily have been on the first album. It was the first song completed for this album. It has a little Desmond Child modulation vibe going on in the verses, but he is also one of my all time favorite songwriters so, to me, that can’t be a bad thing.

I also like the background “canon-vocals” in the chorus. It gives it a surprise twist to it.

Waiting For Someone

This song is near and dear. It has gone through countless revisions and I’m really happy how turned out. Lyrically, it’s about the age old “Doing What You Think Others Would Like You To Do” and, of course, you get burned. The one you’re actually waiting for, is yourself.

Use It Or Lose It

This one will bring you right back to the early 80’s. I wrote this song when I was fourteen, but the lyrics have been rewritten. It’s based on that one riff that plays as the intro, the verse and the chorus.

The Damage Got Done

Again a reworked song from my early years. It’s about jealousy. When you first realize, after the fact, that what you had was right and she has moved on. 

I’d probably call this a “modern 80’s rocker”.

This Time

Oh wow! I love this one. The first draft of this song was done in 1998. I gave it a new chorus and rewrote some of the lyrics.

Heading For A Fall

I performed an acoustic version of this song with my brother back in 1998 at ‘The National Championship Of Rock’ in Norway. With just two acoustic guitars, we competed against everything from ‘7 piece bands’ and artists with dancers etc. We placed 2nd. One of the judges told us that “they couldn’t give us first place, because the winner had to go on a little tour and two guys with acoustic guitars wasn’t enough, they need a band. But we should consider ourselves the winners“. 

The song was then left in a drawer for 18 years until I took it out and worked a little on it for this album.



Who You Are

This song was written a long time ago. The bridge was actually the chorus at first. It’s a very catchy and upbeat song, and in true Satin-style.

True Love

It’s a little heavier than the rest of the songs on the album. Again, a song I wrote in my teens that has had some lyrical work. It is driven by two main riffs, which I think sound a bit ‘Old School’, but I’m a huge KISS fan, so that’s probably the reason…hehe… 

Lying Eyes

This song was intended for my debut album. When it didn’t make that album, I was determined to use it on the next one. I love the energy of it and I was really in doubt of my decision-making when I took it out of the tracklisting. 

It’s Unbelievable

A song written in 2001. Great uptempo song with a catchy chorus. There’s no hocus-pocus with this one and it runs from start to end effortlessly. Lyrically, it touches on the subject of low self-esteem. When you feel like you blend in with those people that doesn’t try to make their mark. They all probably do, but it’s difficult for them.

Set My Own Heart Free

Intro-riff dates back to 2004, but the verse, chorus and bridge is new. As with “It’s Unbelievable“, this is only available on the Japan-release of this album.

S-ROCK: When you make music, music comes first or lyrics come first? And what gives your inspiration and ideas for your music?

Satin: Nine out of ten times, the music comes first. When I get a melody in my head, I NEVER change the melody to get a lyric “to fit”. I’d rather use months to find a line that works with the original melody. When I come up with a melody, I believe there’s a reason that I came up with THAT exact melody. I won’t alter it at any cost!

Inspirations and ideas can come from anything and everything. A baby crying on the train can trigger a melody, dropping a fork on the floor can set the beat of a song and overhearing a conversation at McDonald’s can trigger lyric ideas. The “antennas” are out even though they don’t show. 

S-ROCK: You play all instruments for your solo work, you have any plan to do gigs in the future? When you do, you’ll hire musicians to play for your gigs or you’ll sing with backing tracks?

Satin: People want me to play and I have also gotten many inquiries from other musicians to be in a band with me. We’ll see what happens, but as of now, there’s no plan for gigging this project.

I would definitely hire musicians to help me out live, if it came to that. I’m pretty much against backing tracks. Why try to sound like the CD while on stage? I like it when there is a “live” version and a “studio” version of a song. 

I don’t see the need for a “karaoke” version; that’s for the fans/public to enjoy themselves with. If you’re a troubadour, sure, use backing tracks. If you’re a duo, sure, use backing tracks. If you’re a trio, sure use some backing tracks. BUT, if you’re a band and have the instruments that represent and makes up the music; then PLAY 😉

If you see people enjoying themselves and singing along to a song, play the chorus again, make them sing it. If the guitar player is jamming and ripping on the solo, prolong the solo and let him continue to excel. You read the crowd and you sense the room. You and the audience feed of each others energy. If you have a computer in charge of the music, you’re done when the computer says you’re done. Of course you can program computers to fit your set, but I don’t see the need for it.

S-ROCK: On the back cover of booklet of IT’S ABOUT TIME there’s your message: Thank You For Getting Your Hands “Dirty” By Holding This Album. What did you want your fans to find from the message?

Satin: In Europe, especially in Scandinavia, people don’t buy CDs anymore. They mainly use Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. It’s just some of the older generation that still buys physical products. But, their kids and grandkids are teaching them the digital world, so there is less and less of them too. And it is definitely spreading. So I truly, madly, deeply thank the ones that are actually holding that album physically in their hands. They have supported me and my music proper.


The track “Anyway” is on this album.


S-ROCK: Would you tell us about the band PEGASUS, you play with your brother Ronny. You guys won Spellemannprisen in 2012 and participated in MELODI GRAND PRIX with the song “Anyway” in 2016.

Satin: We started Pegasus, a light country rock band, back in 2006 and have, to this day, released 11 studio albums. At this time, we are working on some new music.. Yes, we won a ‘Spellemannpris(Norwegian Grammy) for ‘Album Of The Year’ in our respective category. ‘Melodi Grand Prix’(MGP) was really cool to to be a part of. Wig Wam has participated twice here in Norway, and the likes of H.E.A.T and Eclipse have participated in the Swedish version of that show. Almost 1/3 of Norway was watching it that evening.



S-ROCK: On the album “GODS OF THUNDER: A NORWEGIAN TRIBUTE TO KISS”  you play “The Magic Kiss Medley”. You didn’t play 1 track, you couldn’t choose one? Or you just prefer a medley?

Satin: Back in 2004, after not sleeping for a couple of days, I sat with my guitar in my lap just strumming. I started noodling and mumbling a KISS song. I suddenly realized that I was playing one song on the guitar and singing another, and they fit perfectly. 

Hmm…that’s interesting; and now I’m wide awake thinking: 

Are there other KISS songs I can “mashup?” Hell, yeah- there were. 

So I ended up with an amalgamation of KISS songs. In some parts, there is the music of one song, lyrics from another song and the vocal melody of a third song. I crammed 30 KISS songs into 5 minutes. There’s up to three songs going at the same time, but it sounds like one song.. I was persuaded by a fellow KISS Army member to post it on the ‘Norwegian Kiss Army’ Forum. Other forum members reacted and the third message was from the then ‘Kiss Army Norway’ General asking me to remove the song from the forum. He had started the production of this project and wanted my Kiss-Mix on it. He changed the title to “The Magic Kiss Medley” because he meant what I had accomplished was, in his words, “magic”. At the release-party for that album, there was a quiz for the audience handed to them at the entrance: “How many KISS songs can your hear in this medley?” They played my track !! Nobody managed to guess all thirty songs that night 😉

S-ROCK: You always write “Stay Gold, S*” in the end of your messages, what does “Stay Gold” mean for you?

Satin: As the saying goes: “Everybody is worth their weight in gold!” I like that. 

Gold represents the best, it’s number 1, the winner !!! 

So when I say/write “Stay Gold” at the end of sentences to people, I mean: 

“You’re the best, you’re a good person and you’re worth your weight in Gold! Try to stay that way, don’t change”.

S-ROCK: Would you let us know about your artist logo combined S and a star. S is probably from Satin, and a star means “a star” as a famous person? And why did you choose “Satin” as your solo artist name?

Satin: To me, a star is like an indicator light that shines when you have followed or fulfilled a dream. Like I sing in the chorus of ‘Look Up In The Sky’ from the “It’s About Time” album:

‘Look up in the sky at night

You will see a star shine bright

Try to make your dreams come true

The star you looked at will always shine for you’.

It’s like a little kid’s rhyme. But, as mentioned, I was fourteen years old when I wrote it.

So the S symbolizes me (Satin) and the star symbolizes “Made my dream come true”.

Satin was a band name that I came up with when I was 17 or 18. I never got the chance to use it until this solo project came along. 

S-ROCK: Your all-the-time favorite bands are KISS and BON JOVI (right?), how do those AOR/HR bands inspire you? Which track(s) of each band is/are your favorite(s)?

Satin: I became a fan of both KISS and BON JOVI at the age of 6. And from that moment on, they have given and done so much for me over time that they have become a part of my DNA, so to speak.

It’s very hard for me to even pick a favorite decade, for that matter, so to pick out songs? Completely impossible!

S-ROCK: What do you think about music scene in Norway these days? Japan is 1 of few countries where people prefer CDs to streaming/music files. And for even popular artists who used to sell millions in 80’s/90’s it’s really hard to sell more than even100000 copies. In Japan gold album should have sales of 100000 copies (for both domestic/international artists bands since 2003).

Satin: Not answered! I elaborated this in an earlier question on “getting my hands dirty” 🙂

S-ROCK: Is there any future plan which is confirmed so far? Already started writing new materials for your solo work?

Satin: Yes, I do have a couple of songs in the works and they really sound amazing. I’m looking forward to begin shaping them production wise. 

S-ROCK: Would you give a message to your Japanese fans who visit S-ROCK site? Tusen takk!

Satin: Hey guys and girls! 

Thank you for stopping by and reading through this interview, really appreciate it!

And remember; STAY GOLD,








Other PEGASUS albums, see their label TYLDEN site:
Tusen takk Satin for his suggestion for the link 🙂


Satin – E-mail Interview(日本語)




まず最初に、貴方のソロ1stアルバム”SATIN”が、ANDERSTEIN MUSICでCD-Rヴァージョンが完売した後、ボーナストラック入りで先月日本発売されました。それについてどう思いますか?





S-ROCK:ANDERSTEIN MUSICが”Satin”アルバムのジャケットを差し替える事を提案して、貴方はそれに同意しなかったと聞きました。貴方がソロ・アーティストだという事を示す為に写真をそのままにしたかったのですか?

Satin:いや、それは違うよ。ANDERSTEIN MUSICからはジャケット変更について連絡を受けた事はこれ迄ないんだ。デビュー・アルバムの日本盤ライナー・ノーツで、(BURRN!の)藤木昌生氏からジャケットが白黒の俺の写真だという事についての質問があったんだ。それに対しての俺の答えはこうだったよ。


S-ROCK:”IT’S ABOUT TIME”アルバムの各曲解説をお願い出来ますか?”SATIN”アルバムの曲については日本盤のブックレットで読めますし、是非知りたいです。

Satin: Look Up In The Sky




I’ll Never Let You Down

この曲は1stアルバムに収録されていたかも知れないんだ。このアルバム用に最初に完成した作品。ヴァースの中にちょっとだけDesmond Child風の変調ヴァイブが続くんだけど、彼は常に俺の好きなソングライターの1人だから、俺にとっては、それが悪い事にはなり得ないのさ。


Waiting For Someone


Use It Or Lose It


The Damage Got Done



This Time


Heading For A Fall





Who You Are


True Love


Lying Eyes


It’s Unbelievable


Set My Own Heart Free

イントロのリフは04年に作られたものだけどヴァースとコーラスとブリッジは新しいよ。It’s Unbelievable同様、日本盤のみに収録されているんだ。







「カラオケ」ヴァージョンの意義が見出せないんだよね。それはファンのみんなや一般の人達が彼等自身で楽しむものだと思うからさ。もし君がトルバドゥールなら、ああ、バッキング・トラックを使うだろう。君達がデュオなら、ああ、バッキング・トラックをやはり使うだろうね。君達がトリオなら、ああ、幾らかはバッキング・トラックを使うだろう。でも君がバンドをやっていて、音楽を演奏し、作り上げているなら、自分達で演奏しようよ 😉


S-ROCK: IT’S ABOUT TIMEアルバムのブックレットの背表紙にこんなメッセージがあります、「このアルバムを手にする事で君の手を”汚して”くれてありがとう」このメッセージからファンに何を見つけて欲しいと思ったのでしょうか?

Satin:欧州、特に北欧では人々はもはやCDは買わないんだ。彼等はSpotifyやTidalやApple Musicを利用している。年齢が上の世代の人達の幾らかはCDを買ってはいるけど、彼等の子供達や孫達が親や祖父母達にデジタル世界を教えている。だからCDを買う人達は益々減少の一途だ。だから俺は本当に、猛烈に、心からCDを手にして買ってくれた人達に感謝している。彼等は俺をサポートし続けてくれて、俺の音楽にふさわしい扱いをしてくれているからね。




S-ROCK: PEGASUSというバンドについて教えて頂けますか?貴方はお兄さんのRonnyと一緒に活動していますよね。12年にSpellemannprisenを獲得し、16年には”Anyway”という曲でMELODI GRAND PRIX(EUROVISION SONG CONTESTのノルウェー国内大会)に出場しました。

Satin:俺達はPEGASUSを始めたんだ、軽めのカントリー・ロック・バンドだよ。06年から、これ迄に11枚のスタジオ・アルバムを発売している。今は新しい音楽の製作中なんだ…そうさ、俺達はSpellemanspris(ノルウェーのグラミー賞)の俺達の該当カテゴリーで「年間アルバム賞」を獲得したよ。Melodi Grand Prix (MGP) は出場して本当に楽しかったよ。ノルウェーではWIG WAMが2回出場していて、スウェーデンではH.E.A.TやECLIPSEがスウェーデン版 (Melodifestivalen) に出場しているんだ。ノルウェーではTV中継を国民の1/3近い人達が観ているんだよ。



S-ROCK:“GODS OF THUNDER: A NORWEGIAN TRIBUTE TO KISS” アルバムに、貴方は”The Magic KISS Medley”を提供しています。1曲ではなかったのは、1曲に絞れなかったのか、メドレーをやりたかったからですか?

Satin: 04年の話だよ、2、3日眠れない日が続いた後、俺はギターを膝に乗せてポロンと弾いてたんだ。あるKISSの曲をつま弾いてボソっと口ずさんでみた。そうしたら突然、ギターである曲を弾いて歌は別の曲を歌っている事に気が付いた。それが上手く行ったんだよね。



それで俺はKISSの曲の合体形を完成させたのさ。幾つかのパートでは、ある曲の音楽があり、別の曲の歌詞を持ってきて、3曲目のヴォーカル・メロディーを一緒にしてみた。5分間に30のKISSの楽曲を詰め込んだのさ。同時に最大3曲あるのに、聴いてみるとまるで1曲なんだよね…俺は、ノルウェーのKISS ARMYのフォーラムに投稿する事をあるメンバーから説得された。他のフォーラムのメンバー達から反応が返って来て、3番目のメッセージはKISS ARMY Norwayの管理人で、フォーラムから曲を削除する様に要請されてしまったのさ。彼はあのプロジェクトのプロダクションを開始して、俺のKISSミックスを収録したかったのさ。彼は曲のタイトルを”The Magic KISS Medley”に変更したんだ、俺が完成させたものは、彼の言葉を借りれば「魔法」だと彼が思ったから。発売記念パーティーでは入り口でクイズが書かれた紙が手渡された:「このメドレーの中に何曲KISSの曲が使われているか分かりますか?」彼等は俺の曲を流してくれたのさ!あの夜は誰もまさか30曲も使われているなんて想像出来なかったんだ。

S-ROCK:貴方はいつもメッセージの最後に”Stay Gold, S*”と書きますよね。貴方にとって「素晴らしい(純粋な)ままでいて」とはどういう意味を持つ言葉なのでしょうか?





S-ROCK: Sの文字と星を組み合わせた貴方のアーティスト・ロゴについて教えて下さい。Sは多分Satinからきていて、星は有名人という意味のスターという事ですか?それから、どうしてソロ・アーティストとしてのアーティスト名をSatinとしたのですか?

Satin:俺にとって星とは、夢を追い続けて成し遂げる時に輝く方向指示器の様なものなんだ。”IT’S ABOUT TIME”アルバムの中の”Look Up In The Sky”のコーラスの中で歌っている様にね。






だから、Sは俺 (Satin) を象徴していて、星は「俺の夢を叶えてくれたもの」を象徴しているんだ。


S-ROCK:貴方のいつもお気に入りのバンドはKISSとBON JOVIですよね?それらのAOR/HRバンドは貴方にどの様な影響を与えていますか?それぞれのバンドのお気に入りの曲はどれですか?

Satin:6歳の時にKISSとBON JOVIのファンになったんだ。それからというもの、彼等は俺に多くのものを与えてくれている、いわば俺のDNAの一部みたいなものだね。



















Satin (2018)(日本語)










Satin (2018)(日本語)











6.俺にとっては音楽は2種類しかない:良いものか悪いものか、だ。デス・メタルからオペラ迄何が良くて悪いか決めるさ。でも俺が好きな音楽のジャンルは「AOR、メロディック・ロックとヘア・メタル」なんだ。俺が主に好きなのはKISSとBON JOVIなのさ。




Satin (2018) (English)



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1. What are you doing these days, for new album, for concerts or having holidays?
2. Let us know your latest album / demo tape. What do you want people to pay attention on it? Let us know your favorite songs from it.
3. What do you image from a word “Japan”?
4. What is your goal as a musician? How about as yourself?
5. Let us know your music career and what kind of music you used to play.
6. Let us know your taste of music, your favorite musicians and bands.
7. A message to your Japanese fans for S-ROCK. And your autograph, please.



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