JACKAL (1995) (English)

The latest album in 1995 was “A SAFE LOOK IN MIRRORS” released in 1994.



Answers for our questionnaire from JACKAL in 1995 from S-ROCK issue vol. 1 published in 1995.  Søren Hee Johansen left the band before we asked questionnaire.

Scanned files from the issue are online as we don’t find original papers.



Band members of JACKAL when they answered our questionnaire in 1995:

Brian Rich (Vo)
Benny Petersen (G)
Jesper Bang (B) (He was for JACKAL just for weeks)
Per Fisker (Ds)




1. What are you doing these days, for new album, for concerts or having holidays?
2. Let us know your latest album / demo tape. What do you want people to pay attention on it? Let us know your favorite songs from it.
3. What do you image from a word “Japan”?
4. What is your goal as a musician? How about as yourself?
5. Let us know your music career and what kind of music you used to play.
6. Let us know your taste of music, your favorite musicians and bands.
7. A message to your Japanese fans for S-ROCK. And your autograph, please.

JACKAL (1995)(日本語)

1995年当時の新譜で1994年発売の”A SAFE LOOK IN MIRRORS”アルバム。



弊誌S-ROCK vol. 1 (1995年発行)に掲載された質問状回答を掲載します。質問状回答の原本が見つからない為、冊子をスキャンしたファイルを掲載します。質問状を依頼する前にSøren Hee Johansenは脱退した為、彼の回答は冊子にも掲載されていません。




Brian Rich (Vo)
Benny Petersen (G)
Jesper Bang (B) (彼の在籍は数週間だけだったそうです)
Per Fisker (Ds)




JACKAL – E-mail interview with Benny Petersen (G) & Per Fisker (Ds) (2019) (English)

(Front) Benny Petersen (G), Brian Rich (Vo)
(Back) Per Fisker (Ds), Søren Hee Johansen (B)


Here is an e-mail interview with Benny Petersen (G) and Per Fisker (Ds) who used to play in JACKAL from Denmark to talk about memories of the band. Also Benny talks about his upcoming album, Per talks about his latest band GRUMPYNATORS.



S-ROCK: Who are joining us in this interview this time?

Benny: As for now sitting in a plane on the way to HONG KONG Benny will answer.

Per: This is Per Fisker, drummer of former JACKAL.

S-ROCK: Any interesting stories from Japan Tour 1994? You guys toured in Japan with MASQUERADE from Sweden, what do you think about them? Did you know the band before the tour?

Benny: Was way cool to experience the dedication of the Japanese audience. They were kinda freakin out on the songs and some threw real nice handmade banners on stage. It was so good experience.
I didn’t know MASQUERADE before going to Japan and I was delighted listening “SURFACE OF PAIN” as some songs from that album was playing in my head on all of the tour. I still like the music a lot and have respect for what they did. Also they are real nice guys. I remember that in Osaka Tony was backstage playing the twelve string Takamine lent from ZERO CORPORATION. He was playing songs from BLACK SABBATH “MOB RULES” album, I think “Sign Of The Southern Cross”, I liked that as it is one of my favorites.

Per: Actually quite a few good stories. Especially in Tokyo, the whole infrastructure with highway lanes in multiple levels in between skyscrapers. Also the state of the art studio where we recorded some acoustic stuff and of course all the super nice fans who actually was waiting on us in the airport. I felt like a star 🙂
A awesome band, super friendly and also pretty serious about their music/business. Actually I’m still in contact with the bass player once in a while. No, not at all (know about MASQUERADE)

S-ROCK: After ZERO CORPORATION was closed, Toru Hashimoto started a new company and now he owns his restaurant and cooks by himself there. Any stories with him?

Benny: On the first night Toru Hashimoto came in his black coat with his black hair talking of his new car asking “What color do you think my car is?” Of course his car was black. He took us to some nice Japanese dinners and made us feel good. I still think that the black Takamine twelve string guitar he was bringing should have made it back home to my studio in Copenhagen.

Per: First time I meet him was like meeting a superstar. He came in his super nice sports wagon and parked it in a super advanced car park facility. Things we never had experienced before and certainly not in small Denmark. He joined us for a dinner and was very nice to all of us. He made an excellent impression and I was very proud to be on his label.


at Nagoya Castle, in Nagoya on Japan Tour 1994.


S-ROCK: There was JACKAL Fan Club in Japan in 90’s, any memories about it? 

Benny: The guys from the JACKAL fan club made some real nice magazines with lots of stories and drawings from when we were there. The noticed and remembered so many details that made it really fun and unique to read. I still have the magazines at home and actually they are lying on the desk in the shared area of my house as I am having some Japanese guests and tenants that find it real interesting to study.

Per: I was always in contact with the Japanese Fan Club. Super dedicated and very sweet people, who are still my friends today. They did a lot of very cool things, and even made a meet and greet with fans and us for the gig in Tokyo.

S-ROCK: This is a kind of sensitive question, there was a traffic accident during the tour with FREAK OF NATURE, and Brian Rich got injured seriously. And your label didn’t wait until his complete recovery, then JACKAL broke up. If there had not been that accicent, and the label had waited, do you think JACKAL would have continued?

Benny: The band was actually on top of the career at that time with the motivation to go. I believe that nothing would have kept us from continuing the band but the accident on the way to Hamburg was giving the band a hard time as it was generating strange vibes and uncertainty in the band as well as Brian‘s mind was affected towards the accident.
I believe that if it was not because of the accident the band would have continued and at least have made another album.

Per: The accident happened more or less right after the release of “A SAFE LOOK..”, and we couldn’t play live without Brian, because Brian was sick for a long time after that. Brian was the main force of JACKAL, so that accident was certainly the beginning of the end for JACKAL.

S-ROCK: After JACKAL broke up, you 2 started ENCORE with Carsten Olsen and Jesper Bang. You guys released “FREE IN CHAOS” in Japan in 1998. Was this only for Japan? And the album title sounds a symbolic meaning of departing from JACKAL?

Benny: Creating and releasing the ENCORE album “FREE IN CHAOS” was a bit apart experience. Per, Carsten and I came up with some money, equal parts, Jesper couldn’t do any. We spend the money in making the production but when we had the final result in our hands, being twelve kind of different songs, the guys lost their interest and enthusiasm for taking it further. The twelve songs was pointing out in different directions and suddenly Carsten wanted to go specific in other direction of being intellectual having glasses without strength in the attempt of creating and image and sound far away from where we started. I left the band and the band continued for some months on their own writing new songs in other direction in trying to reach a different level and they ended up breaking up the band.
In the meantime nobody cared about the recordings we already did and I decided to go for a release. I thought it was a shame to waste the already recorded material and I went for a release. I was keeping up the initiative and started doing the artwork, lyrics and stuff for cover and inlay. I only went for a Japanese release and will maybe still go for a release for Europe and rest of the world at some point.

Per: Yes, only released in Japan. Well, maybe Benny had that in mind, but I really didn’t. For me it was just a title.


ENCORE (L to R) : Benny Petersen (G), Carsten Olsen (Vo), Jesper Bang (B) and Per Fisker (Ds).


S-ROCK: In 2009 Brian Rich released “IV” album as JACKAL with another guys, he owned the rights for the name JACKAL, didn’t he ask you guys to join him to record that album?

Benny: Actually Brian did not own the name JACKAL. He came up with the name but hence it represented the three albums made by the band it became a trademark for what we were doing together. In fact Brian did ask me to join him. I was in the rehearsal with the first line up playing the songs for months sometime before the album was recorded. It was not the exact JACKAL feel and there were some disagreements between the guys in the band. Besides that I was very busy restoring a house that I bought back then, so I decided to fade out of the project. Brian ended up recording the album supported by just one musician, Carsten Falkenlind that owns “Fifth Vision” studio. He is multitalented and could produce the album as well as he played the drums, bass, guitar and whatever to put underneath Brian’s vocals. Falkenlind is a very good friend of mine and when Brian died he left the newly recorded cue vocals for a birthday present for his girlfriends Jeanette’s forty years birthday with the title “Something Somehow”. Unfortunately Jeanette also died a few days before her birthday and Falkenlind and I decided to fulfill the song in two days before the funeral, recording guitar, bass, drums, additional vocals and arrangement. The song “Something Somehow” made it to the double funeral and can be found with lyrics on YouTube.

Per: I had very little contact with him for many years, so no, he didn’t ask me. I also quit playing drums after ENCORE, so he would have had no luck with me at that time.
.. but in 2012 we all actually got together at Benny’s place to talked about a reunion. I turned it down, because I was about to start in GRUMPYNATORS.


“IV” album released in 2009.


S-ROCK: Another sensitive question, Brian passed away in April 2013, Did he have any problem which caused him to leave this world after the accident?

Benny: For 15 years Brian was with Jeanette and she was the guardience of his life. When Jeanette died Brian’s life kind of stopped. The day before he killed himself I talked with Brian for hours in the evening and he explained to me that everything he had to hold on into this life with was the words I was telling him as I encourage him to stay alive, telling him of the flowers blossom, the birds and the bees and the sun that will continue to rise. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough as Brian in a modern world Romeo and Julie story killed himself in the name of love. If Jeanette was not alive, he didn’t want to go on… so so sad…

Per: Brian lost his girlfriend and soulmate just 14 days before. She took her own life. Brian couldn’t live without her, and he took his own life. A very sad story.

S-ROCK: Per, you joined GRUMPYNATORS in 2012 and started professional music career again. would you talk about the band?

Per: Well, yes I did start playing again with good friends I had known for almost 30 years in another context. I started out touring supporting VOLBEAT for 5 gigs in Denmark, and after that we have played more than 125 concerts around Europe. We did make 2 CD singles before getting signed by Mighty Music. On that label we have recorded 2 albums, “WONDERLAND” from 2015 and “CITY OF SIN” from 2017. Now we are in the middle of making songs for our 3rd album, which we expect will be released in 2020.





S-ROCK: Benny, do you work for any music after ENCORE?

Benny: As long as I’ve been playing music, started when I was twelve, I have always been a composer. In JACKAL I composed most of the music and I am still composing music.
Actually for about ten years I’ve been working on the release of my double album “OctoberChild”, which I’ve lately decided to split into two albums.
On 14th of December 2006 I lost my son Nicholas at the age of 21. That kind of stopped my life and for more than three years I was stuck and could do nothing but feel the pain. When I started writing music again and opened up my mouth, speaking out my heart, everything that was on my mind was the pain and defeat from the huge lost.
In my house in Copenhagen I have a recording studio and the first song I wrote and recorded in 2010, was “OctoberChild”. The writing and recording of “OctoberChild” took approximately seven months and forced me to go through all the pain once again as this is the naked witnessing from the heart of what went on in the biggest disaster of my life. “OctoberChild” is a celebration dedicated with pride to my son. I am of course writing and composing everything as well as I do all instruments including lead vocals.
With this done I was once again up and running and by 2011 I went straight into composing the masterpiece “RainDance”. This time I had a little help with the drums from my friend Henrik Stendahl from the band SLAUGHTERHOUSE but besides that, again as for the rest of the songs I performed everything.
Third song was “Beat Heaven”, written like a confession/testament as to overcome life and death in one piece I had to overcome heaven which is of course in the real-time the impossible mission…
I kept writing and recording, “Waiting For Daylight”, “Before We Even Tried”, “May The Angels” and “Arrival – This Happens”…
“Arrival” I actually wrote as an instrumental for the third JACKAL album “A SAFE LOOK IN MIRRORS” but for Interesting reasons it never made it to the album. Also that song will include very nice and interesting story but that will be in a later review.
These first seven songs are going to make it into the first record with the album title “OctoberChild” as my son Nicholas was born in October.
All songs I write are containing experiences from the present reality as I revealed having the skill of reflecting what goes on in real life into lyrics and music.
Brian was with me, co-assisting me on the vocals and the production up till the fourth song as he died in 2013. Brian told me that Jeanette and him often had some days where they were only listening to what they called “Benny-music”. This is due to all my music is very original.
Three weeks ago Carsten Falkenlind co-produced and mastered “Beat Heaven” and it sounds fantastic.
Watch out for the new album “OctoberChild” set to be released on 18th of October 2019. Hope it will be possible to keep this timeframe.
The artist name will just be Benny Petersen.

S-ROCK: What is Søren Hee Johansen doing these days? Seems he left FB and not easy to find what happens to him now.

Per: I have no clue. I did visit him one time years ago. As I recall, he work with IT, but still plays bass. I have not seen him since we had the get together at Benny’s place back in 2012.

S-ROCK: Your messages to your Japanese fans from JACKAL era. Mange tak!

Per: Thanks to everybody who supported us at that time and came out to see the shows in Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. It was a great experience I’ll never forget and most likely never experience again. Domo arigato 🙂

Benny: The memory of 1994 December Scandinavian White Christmas Tour in Japan still live in me. Thank you Osaka Nagoya and Tokyo for the good experience.
What kept me going back then in the days of JACKAL and what have always kept me going is to come up with cool guitar riffs, creating catchy grooves and hearing nice melodies on top inside my head. Watch out and stay tuned for albums coming out shortly, first one will be “OctoberChild”. It contains a lot of life stories and is beautiful melodic like the Japanese fans will like.




GRUMPYNATORS Official FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/grumpynators/

JACKAL – E-mail interview with Benny Petersen (G) & Per Fisker (Ds) (2019)(日本語)

(Front) Benny Petersen (G), Brian Rich (Vo)
(Back) Per Fisker (Ds), Søren Hee Johansen (B)


デンマークのJACKALにかつて在籍していたBenny Petersen (G)とPer Fisker (Ds)とバンドの思い出を語るEメール・インタビューをお届けします。Bennyは今後発売される予定の彼の新譜を、Perは現在在籍しているGRUMPYNATORSについても語っています。



S-ROCK: 今回インタビューに参加してくれるのは誰ですか?

Benny: 今香港への飛行機の中で座ってるんだ、Bennyが答えるよ。

Per: Per Fiskerだよ。元JACKALのドラマーさ。

S-ROCK: 1994年の日本ツアーでの面白い話はありますか?スウェーデンのMASQUERADEと一緒にツアーしましたよね、彼等についてどう思いますか?ツアーの前に彼等の事は知っていましたか?

Benny: 日本の観客の熱心さを体験するのは超かっこ良かったさ。曲にもの凄く興奮してて、ステージに手作りの横断幕を投げ入れてくれた。とてもいい体験だったよ。
来日する迄MASQUERADEの事は知らなかったんだ。”SURFACE OF PAIN”アルバムを聴いて嬉しかったな、ツアー中アルバムの何曲かは俺の頭の中でずっと流れていたからね。今でも彼等の音楽は大好きだし、彼等が成し得た事に敬意を表するよ。それに彼等は本当に良い人達なんだ。覚えてるのは、大阪のバックステージでTonyがZERO CORPORATIONから借りたタカミネの12弦を弾いてた事。彼はBLACK SABBATHの”MOB RULES”アルバムからの曲を弾いてたんだ、“Sign Of The Southern Cross”だったと記憶してる、いいなと思ったのさ、だって俺のお気に入りの1曲だからね。

Per: 確かに2、3いい話があるよ。特に東京は、高層ビルの間に何層にも高速道路のレーンがある様なインフラが整ってる。俺達がアコースティック曲をレコーディングした最先端のスタジオ、そして勿論空港で俺達を待っててくれた物凄く素晴らしいファンのみんなだ 🙂

S-ROCK: ZERO CORPORATIONが閉鎖された後、橋本徹社長は新たな会社を立ち上げ、現在レストランのオーナー・シェフをなさっています。彼とのエピソードはありますか?

Benny: 来日の最初の夜に黒髪の橋本徹氏は黒いコートを着て、彼の新車について話してて、「僕の車は何色だと思う?」と尋ねたさ、勿論彼の車は黒だよ。彼は俺達を素敵な日本の夕食に連れて行ってくれて、俺達はいい気分だった。俺は今でも、彼が持ってきていた黒のタカミネの12弦ギターを、コペンハーゲンの俺のスタジオに持って帰ってくるべきだったと思ってる。

Per: 最初に彼に逢った時、スーパースターに逢ったみたいだったよ。彼はかっこいいスポーツ・ワゴンでやって来て、最先端の設備の駐車場に停めたんだ。これ迄俺達には経験がない事で、小さなコペンハーゲンでは確かになかったさ。彼と夕食を共にして、俺達全員にとってとても良かったんだ。彼は素晴らしい印象を与えて、俺は彼のレーベルに所属している事をとても誇りに思ってたんだ。




S-ROCK: 90年代にはJACKALの日本のファンクラブがありましたね。何か思い出はありますか?

Benny: JACKALのファンクラブの人達は、沢山の話や絵を掲載した本当に素敵な冊子を作ってくれていた。彼等はとても沢山の具体的な事柄に気付いて覚えていてくれていて、読むのが楽しかったし、独自のものだったね。自宅にそれらの冊子はまだあって、家の中のシェア・スペースの机の上に置いてあるんだ、興味を持って見てくれる日本人のゲストや賃借人が居るからね。

Per: 俺は日本のファンクラブと連絡を取ってたんだ。とても献身的でとても素晴らしい人達なんだ、今も友達なんだよ。彼等は沢山のとてもかっこいい事をしてくれたし、東京公演の時はファンと俺達のミート・アンド・グリートも実現させてくれたよ。

S-ROCK: これはデリケートな質問です、FREAK OF NATUREとのツアー中交通事故があって、Brian Richが重傷を負いましたね。そして貴方達のレーベルは彼の完全な回復を待とうせず、JACKALは解散してしまいます。その事故がなかったら、またレーベルが待っていてくれたら、JACKALは存続していたと思いますか?

Benny: 当時バンドはやる気満々でキャリアの頂点にあったんだ。バンドの継続に障害は何もないと思っていたのに、ハンブルグへの道中の事故はバンドに試練をもたらしたんだ、Brianの心が事故に影響されたのと同じ様にバンドに奇妙な雰囲気と不確実さを生んだのさ。

Per: 事故は”A SAFE LOOK…”アルバムの発売後すぐに起こったよ、Brianなしでは俺達はライヴが出来なかったんだ、その後彼は長い間体調が優れなかったからね。BrianはJACKALの主力だったから、あの事故は間違いなくバンドの終焉の始まりだったのさ。

S-ROCK: JACKALが解散した後、貴方達2人はCarsten Olsen、Jesper Bangの2人とENCOREを始めます。1998年に日本で”FREE IN CHAOS”アルバムを発売しましたね、これは日本だけの発売でしたか?そしてこのアルバム・タイトルはJACKALからの旅立ちを象徴的に意味したのでしょうか?

Benny: ENCOREの”FREE IN CHAOS”アルバムを制作して発売した事は少し違った経験だったよ。Perと俺とCarstenは金を持ち寄って、平等な立場だったけど、Jesperは何も出来なかった。プロダクションに金をかけて、いざ手元に完成品が届いたら12曲の違うシロモノになってた。連中は興味も高みを目指す情熱も失ってしまった。その12曲は違った方向性を指し示し、そして突然Carstenが知的で眼鏡を掛けている様な別の方向性へ進みたがった、制作やイメージや音を試みる力もなく、俺達が始めた頃とは程遠い状態さ。俺はバンドを脱退し、バンドは何か月か継続したんだ、別レベルに到達しようと別の方向性で彼等は新曲を書いていた。そして彼等は活動を止めて、バンドは解散したのさ。

Per: そうだ、日本だけの発売だったよ。うーん、多分Bennyは何か心にあっただろうけど、俺はなかったな。俺にとってはタイトルでしかなかったからね。


ENCORE (L to R) : Benny Petersen (G), Carsten Olsen (Vo), Jesper Bang (B) and Per Fisker (Ds).


S-ROCK: 2009年にBrianは他のミュージシャン達とJACKAL名義で”IV”アルバムを発売しました、彼がJACKALの名義の権利を持っていたのですよね、彼は貴方達に参加して欲しいと声を掛けてこなかったのですか?

Benny: BrianはJACKALの名義の権利は持ってなかったよ。彼は名前を持ってきただけで、それ故にバンドが作った3枚のアルバムに示されて、俺達が一緒にやって来た事のトレードマークになった。実際彼は俺に参加を要請したさ。アルバムのレコーディング前に何か月か最初のラインナップで曲を演るリハーサルに参加したんだ。それは正確にはJACKALという感じではなくて、バンドのメンバー間で不合意が幾つかあった。加えて俺は、買い戻した家の修繕にとても忙しかったから、プロジェクトから手を引く事にしたのさ。Brianはたった1人のミュージシャンの助けを借りてレコーディングを終えたよ、Fifth Visionスタジオを所有するCarsten Falkenlindにね。彼は多才で、ドラムやベース、ギター、Brianのヴォーカルの下に置く楽器を弾くのと同じ位上手くプロデュースも出来たんだ。Falkenlindは俺のとても良い友達で、Brianが亡くなった時に残していた、”Something Somehow”とタイトルが付けられて彼のガールフレンドのJeanetteの40歳の誕生日プレゼントに用意されていた新たなキュー・ヴォーカルがあったんだ。残念ながらJeanetteも彼女の誕生日の2、3日前に亡くなってしまって、Falkenlindと俺は葬儀の前の2日間で曲を完成させる事にして、ギター、ベース、ドラム、バック・ヴォーカルをレコーディングして、アレンジした。その曲”Something Somehow”は2人の葬儀の為に作られて、YouTubeで歌詞付きのものを聴く事が出来るよ。

Per: 俺は彼(Brian)とは長年連絡を取ってなかったからね、だからなかった、彼は俺には話を持って来なかった。それに俺はENCOREの後はドラムを叩くのを止めてたから、彼はあの時は俺との運はなかっただろうね。




S-ROCK: もう1つデリケートな質問をします。2013年の4月にBrianが亡くなりました。あの事故の後、彼がこの世を去る決意をするに至る問題があったのでしょうか?

Benny: 15年間BrianはJeanetteと一緒に居たんだ、彼女は彼の生命線だった。Jeanetteが亡くなった時、Brianの人生は止まった様な状態になった。彼が自殺する前の日の夜に、俺はBrianと何時間も話をしたんだ、彼は、この人生にしがみついていなくてはならなかったのは俺が彼に話した言葉が全てだと説明した。俺はBrianに生きろと励まし、花や鳥や蜂や、昇り続ける太陽の事を彼に話したからね。不幸にもそれは不十分で、現代版ロミオとジュリエットの世界に居たBrianは愛の名のもとに自殺してしまった。もしJeanetteが生きていないのなら、彼は進みたくなかったんだ…とてもとても悲しいよ。

Per: Brianは14日前にガールフレンドでソウルメイトのJeanetteを亡くしてしまった。彼女は自殺したんだ。Brianは彼女なしでは生きられなかった、だから彼も自殺してしまった。とても悲しい話なんだ。

S-ROCK: Per、2012年に貴方はGRUMPYNATORSに加入して、プロのキャリアを再開しましたね。バンドについて話してくれますか?

Per: 別の環境で約30年知っていた仲のいい友達とまた演り始めたんだ。デンマークでの5公演でVOLBEATのサポートをするツアーから始めて、その後欧州で125公演以上演ってきたよ。MIGHTY MUSICと契約する前に2枚のシングルを作ったんだ。彼等のレーベルで2015年に”WONDERLAND”を、2017年に”CITY OF SIN”をレコーディングした。今俺達は3枚目のアルバムの曲作りの最中で、2020年に発売出来るといいなと思っているんだ。




S-ROCK: Benny、ENCOREの後何か音楽活動をしていますか?

それが終わると、再び俺は立ち上がって走り始め、2011年にはマスターピースとなる”RainDance”の作曲に注力した。その際は俺の友達でSLAUGHTERHOUSEのHenrik Stendahlにドラムで少し手伝って貰ったよ。でもそれ以外は、残りの曲は自分だけで全て演奏したんだ。
3曲目は”Beat Heaven”で、無事に生死を乗り越える事についての告白、もしくは遺言みたいな形で書かれたものなんだ、天国を打ち負かさなくてはならなかったなんて事は、勿論現実の人生では不可能な使命なんだけどさ…。
詞や曲を書き続けた、“Waiting For Daylight”、“Before We Even Tried”、”May The Angels”、そして“Arrival – This Happens”…。
“Arrival”は、JACKALの3rdアルバム”A SAFE LOOK IN THE MIRRORS”のインストゥルメンタルとして書いたもので、興味深い理由でアルバムには収録されなかったんだ。あの曲はとても良くて興味深い話も含んでいるけれど、それはまたの機会に。
3週間前にCarsten Falkenlindが”Beat Heaven”を共同プロデュース、マスタリングしてくれたんだ、とても素晴らしい仕上がりだよ。
アーティスト名は単純にBenny Petersenになる予定だよ。

S-ROCK: Søren Hee Johansenは最近何をしているのでしょうか?彼はFACEBOOKを止めてしまった様で、彼がどうしているのか知るのは容易ではありません。

Per: 分からないなぁ。何年か前に一度彼を訪ねた事はあるよ。覚えてるのは、彼はIT関係で働いてるって事と、ベースは弾いてるって事さ。2012年にBennyの所で集まって以来彼には逢っていないんだ。

S-ROCK: JACKAL時代からの日本のファンにメッセージをお願いします。

Per: 当時俺達を応援してくれて、大阪、名古屋、東京のライヴへ来てくれたみんなに感謝するよ。俺が絶対忘れない、そして再び経験する事が恐らくないだろう素晴らしい体験だった。どうもありがとう 🙂

Benny: 1994年12月のScandinavian White Christmas Tour in Japanの思い出は今も俺の中に生きているよ。良い経験をさせてくれて、大阪、名古屋、東京には感謝しているんだ。




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