Gunnar Westlie (G) – EIDSIVATING, DA VINCI (2005) (English)




Gunnar drove us to the studio of Dag, and he and Dag let us listen to many songs of EISIVATING and DA VINCI.. We hope the 1st and 2nd albums of DA VINCI will be re-released (of course digitally remastered) in the near future – if UNIVERSAL doesn’t release them, you guys would buy the master tapes…..we think many labels will be interested and many people would like to buy the albums, how about this idea??? (I should not write this message here *S*)

Gunnar Westlie (G) – EIDSIVATING, DA VINCI (2005)(日本語)


keep on rockin’!
Gunnar Westlie



忙しい合間を縫って私達をDagのスタジオ迄送迎してくれたGunnar。Dagと2人でEISIVATINGやDA VINCIの音源を沢山聴かせてくれました。是非DA VINCIの1stと2ndを再発して欲しいと思うのですが…UNIVERSALが再発しないなら、原盤を買い取って…というのは如何でしょうか?出したがる所は一杯あると思いますし、買いたいと思っているファン(後追い含む)は沢山居ます。是非ご検討を…(ってこんな所で伝言してどうする・笑)