(Back) Ove Lundqvist (G&Vo), David Persson (B&Vo), Fredrik Larsson (Ds&Vo)
(Front) Thomas Lassar (Vo&Key)
Photos from CRYSTAL BLUE, thanks!


1. What are you doing these days, for new album, for concerts or
having holidays?

2. Let us know your latest album / demo tape. What do you want
people to pay attention on it? Let us know your favorite songs
from it.

3. What do you image from a word “Japan”?

4. What is your goal as a musician? How about as yourself?

5. Let us know your music career and what kind of music you
used to play.

6. Let us know your taste of music, your favorite musicians and

7. A message to your Japanese fans for S-ROCK. And your
autograph, please.