ENCORE (1997) (English)

“FREE IN CHAOS” released only in Japan in 1998. In 1997 ENCORE made promo materials called “THE NEW SINGLES” and “ANOTHER 6 SONGS”.



Answers for our questionnaire from ENCORE in 1997 from S-ROCK issue vol. 3 published in 1998.



Band members of ENCORE in 1997:

Carsten Olsen (Vo)
Benny Petersen (G)
Jesper Bang (B)
Per Fisker (Ds)




1. What are you doing these days? Let us know what has happened to you since JACKAL got separated.
2. Let us know your latest CD with 5 songs for promotion. What do you want people in music business to pay attention on? Which songs from the CD do you like?
3. What do you think of the music scene in Denmark these days? What is the most important for you guys to continue ENCORE there?
4. Would you describe each member of ENCORE including yourself?
5. What is a future plan for ENCORE so far?
6. A message to your Japanese fans for S-ROCK. And your autograph, please.

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