WIG WAM – in Tokyo part 2 / JAPAN TOUR 2007 (English)


February 26th, 2007

Photo session for YOUNG GUITAR magazine, we look forward to an interview and DVD (guitar instruction by Teeny) in June 2007 (will be out in May) issue of the magazine! Other interview is in BURRN! May 2007 issue together with live report and stories during the tour.









Tour T-shirts. After Osaka show T-shirts of black/red sleeve were all sold out.


WIG WAM – in Osaka part 3 / JAPAN TOUR 2007(日本語)


March 1st, 2007




伊藤政則氏のラジオ番組ROCK ONの幸運なリスナーの皆様がご招待されたミート&グリートの様子。





WIG WAM – in Tokyo part 4 / JAPAN TOUR 2007 (English)


February 26th, 2007

Meet & greet after the show for 10 lucky listeners of Masa Itoh’s POWER ROCK TODAY, a radio program in Tokyo area.



Shabu-shabu dinner after the show. Glam said “Teeny is good at using chopsticks though he doesn’t eat Sushi!”





February 27th, 2007

Promotion day. Interviewed by BURRN! magazine, Masa Itoh and Captain Wada. Photo session in Asakusa (downtown in Tokyo) and at Tokyo Tower, etc.

WIG WAM – Photo Session for the single of Bless The Night, Oslo – June 23rd, 2005(日本語)










このフォトセッション直後すぐBless The Night用の写真が決定。デジカメ+PCだとその場で結果がすぐ分かります。

WIG WAM – Photo Session for the single of Bless The Night, Oslo – June 23rd, 2005 (English)


I didn’t use a flash (not the person you know *S*) by my camera because I didn’t want to disturb the professional photographer.





The guy on the right side is the photographer.



They chose a photo for Bless The Night single just after this photo session thanks to digital technology.

TNT – Back in 1989 part 2 (1989)(日本語)



8月18日 大阪・毎日ホール 開演直前のバンドショット。















8月19日 名古屋・愛知県勤労会館の楽屋にて開演前。勤労会館も閉鎖されました。どんどんホールがなくなっていきます、寂しい限りです。