WIG WAM – in Nagoya part 2 / JAPAN TOUR 2007(日本語)


February 28th, 2007

名古屋・CLUB QUATTROでのライヴ(続き)

























WIG WAM – in Tokyo part 1 / JAPAN TOUR 2007 (English)



February 25th, 2007

At production meeting. Sporty noticed my camera first as always.



February 26th, 2007

Rehearsal, they put costumes/make-up for video shooting. They played until they thought it was the best.











WIG WAM – in Tokyo part 3 / JAPAN TOUR 2007(日本語)


February 26th, 2007













東京公演で”In My Dreams”のサビを日本語で歌う事に挑戦したGlamでしたが、会場で聞いていたら何と歌っていたか分からなかったのでは?と思います。因みに日本語詞は:

C’mon, C’mon, C’mon








WIG WAM – in Tokyo part 3 / JAPAN TOUR 2007 (English)


February 26th, 2007

Gig at Shibuya O-EAST. Took photos from the 2nd floor as staffs were in front of the stage for DVD shooting.











Glam tried to sing “In My Dreams” in Japanese, did you find what he sang in Japanese? Here it is:

C’mon, C’mon, C’mon
Ai ni tsutsumarete(i)ru
Omae dake ga
Ore no yume no naka ni ikite iru

The webmaster for English pages of the official site and I talked about translation in Japanese, and sent it to Glam before this tour. On the day for Tokyo gig I asked Glam if he would try, “I can’t promise if I will really sing in Japanese.” said Glam – later he practiced again and again, wrote the Japanese words in Norwegian way on a big paper and put it on stage floor just before the band started playing “In My Dreams”. He really did a great job, we should appreciate his effort!



Setlist of Tokyo show.



They played those 3 songs below in the list for video shooting.

WIG WAM – in Osaka part 1 / JAPAN TOUR 2007(日本語)


March 1st, 2007

大阪・BIG CATでのライヴ。





「空いた時間で新しいブーツを買ったんだ、見て、見て!」と、アメリカ村で買ったブーツを見せびらかしていたGlamでした。会場近くのApple StoreでiPodを買ったり、Macを買ったり、WWご一行様は束の間のお買い物タイムを楽しんだ様子。






















WIG WAM – in Osaka part 1 / JAPAN TOUR 2007 (English)


March 1st, 2007

Gig at BIG CAT, Osaka.





“I bought a new pair of boots, look this!” says Glam. He got them at America-mura, a famous shopping place in Osaka. Some of WW and staffs bought iPod/Mac at Apple Store near BIG CAT.







Glam gives a red rose to a woman in the 1st row. S-ROCK bought a rose for Nagoya & Osaka gigs. Glam didn’t give a rose to anybody, and took all the petals away at Nagoya gig…..(cry)











This photo below is a favorite of Glam himself.