WIG WAM – in Nagoya part 2 / JAPAN TOUR 2007 (English)


February 28th, 2007

Gig at CLUB QUATTRO, Nagoya (continued)



Glam sprays “Rock N’ Roll Spray” on Teeny who forgets how to rock – to get him back to the rock n’ roll show!



Glam got a new costume in black below for Japan tour, and it was torn (from a seam?) during the gig in Nagoya…..











Setlist for Nagoya show.



Nagoyan Dinner of Tebasaki, the famous spicy chicken, after the show.



Let’s enjoy drinking – The young staff from Nagoya branch of KING Records let the guys know a famous joke of comedians “Taka & Toshi”. That’s “Ohbei-ka!” (the original meaning is Are you/Is it Western!?”). Flash said it in Osaka, too.