S-ROCK got a message from 3 guys of LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM when they were in Japan.


Above: Jamie Borger (autograph only)
Right: Mikael Erlandsson says “Luv U, Stay Healthy”
Bottom: Andy Malecek says “Please stop killing the whales!!!”


We asked Jamie if there’s a plan to release TREAT’s new album, he told us that the band will release a live DVD of their London show, it’ll be out in Christmas time. He doesn’t know so far if it’s avaiable only in Europe, or out in other territory as well.

Andy looked very serious and asked “Can I write the same thing as what I said in interviews with magazines and radios?” We answered that he may write what he wanted, and he wrote this message above.


Mikael Erlandsson Facebook

Jamie Borger Facebook


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