WANTED (1992) (English)

Before CD debut, they released a cassette album called “GOTCHA”.




From NHRSPG (previous one before S-ROCK) vol. 1 published in 1993. The latest album of WANTED at that time was “GOTCHA” .

Scanned files from the issue are online as we don’t find original papers.


Tusen takk: Per Erik Jansen




Band members of WANTED in 1992:

Jojo (Vo)
Eric Piscatella (G)
Rocket (B)
Beaty Sweet (Ds)




1. Let us know your new album (ex. album/song titles)
2. How do you take care of your throat? Let us know how to sing well like you. (To Jojo) / Your equipments (guitars etc., To Eric) / (bass etc., To Rocket) / (drums etc., To Beaty)
3. Your favorite bands/artists these days.
4. How about movies/books? How did they inspire you?
5. Your dreams about your band.
6. How do you describe Norway? What are you proud of your country most?
7. Your “detailed” career before WANTED.
8. What is your motto in your life?
9. Would you give an exclusive message to your Japanese fans?

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