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FAITH CIRCUS from the west coast of Norway is a band born from the ashes of two rival bands. Comprised of, Marc Farrano/vocals, Marius Mørch/guitars, Lasse Koester/bass and Baard Nordvik/drums. Their style can be described as a hybrid of bands such as KISS, VAN HALEN, DEF LEPPARD and BON JOVI, etc…Now, YOU want strong melodies, great hooks, burning frets, pounding drums, thunderous bass and smooth, yet powerful vocals. Then this is the band you’ve been looking for!! Classic/melodic rock!! From the heartbreaking to the hip shaking. It’s ALL here!! Delivered with pure passion, love & fun!!

The band signed with Kivel Records in the fall/winter of 2007, and their debut album is currently being mixed by Ty Sims of BOMBAY BLACK, set for release 17.10.2008!! Among the 11 tracks is a cover of the Eric Carr/Bruce Kulick/Adam Mitchell composition “Can you feel it”, until now only released in demo form on the fox’s “Rockology” album.

And another tune which features guest appearances by veterans such as Steinar Krokstad/drums (ex-STAGE DOLLS), Morty Black/bass (ex-TNT), Dag Stokke/keyboards (TNT), Tore Moren/guitar (JORN), Steinar Hagen/acoustic guitar (RETURN) and Tony Harnell/background vocals (ex-TNT).

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