S-ROCKは、北欧メロディアスHM/HR & AORを愛する人々の為のサイトです。2000年3月末迄活動していたファン・サークルS-ROCKのサイトとして1999年2月に始まりました。



ABOUT (English)

S-ROCK is a website for people who love Scandinavian melodic HM/HR and AOR, which started in February 1999 for S-ROCK, a fan club which broke up in March 2000.

Before the 20th anniversary of the site in 2019, S-ROCK site restarted thanks to WORDPRESS. It’s not completed yet though, we’ll get it improved and post previous and new materials.

Information and photos/image files of bands/artists are put on our website allowed by musicians themselves or their management offices, record companies. All the materials including them above on this website must not be used without permission.