Steven Anderson (G) (1996) (English)

The latest album in 1996 was his 2nd album “MISSA MAGICA”.



Autographed answers for our questionnaire in 1996 for S-ROCK vol. 2 (published in 1997). The original paper is missing and a scanned file is online, sorry that it’s hard to read what he wrote.







Steven has changed his name to Steven Kautzky Andersson and is working for his comeback album which will be released later this year, together with the band GIPSY POWER. He had problems with his arm for 10 years and couldn’t play guitar.


GIPSY POWER – Electric Threads

Steven Anderson (G) (1996)(日本語)

1996年に発表された2ndアルバム”MISSA MAGICA”。



1997年発行の弊誌S-ROCK vol. 2に掲載された、1996年当時のSteven Andersonの質問状回答を掲載します。





1.”MISSA MAGICA”という最新アルバムのミックスを終えた所さ。結果には満足しているし、聴く人達もそうだといいなと思っているよ。より深い意味と思いと、ハード・オリエンタル・フュージョン・ミュージックを演る事の両方にね。このアルバムには、(解読不能)フルート&ストリングスや、北欧の太陽の下の自然からの雰囲気の様な、新しくて異なる素晴らしい要素が含まれているのさ。







6.俺自身がどういう気分か、というのにもよるんだけど、精神瞑想音楽が好きなんだ。Al Di Meola、SANTANA、RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE、John Norum、Yngwie Malmsteen、SIMPLE MINDS、Jimi Hendrix、DEEP PURPLE、Ritchie Blackmore、スウェーデンの民謡、東欧のジプシー音楽、アジアの音楽、Neil Young、MEGADETH、アシッド・ジャズのMOTHER EARTH、URBAN SPECIES等…。

7.本物であってくれ、今を生きよう。ありがとう。そしてKeep grooving.




現在彼はSteven Kautzky Anderssonとして活動しており、GIPSY POWER名義のバンドで今年「復活」アルバムを発表する予定です。腕にトラブルがあり、約10年ギターが弾けなかったそうです。


GIPSY POWER – Electric Threads

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1. An autographed poster of TNT members on Japan Tour 2014 (1 winner)

No photo as it’s not easy to take a photo of an entire poster. The same one as what we gave before. We’ll put the poster into a cylinder poster tube to prevent from getting bent when we ship.


2.  A guitar pick from 90’s (right on the photo, 1 winner) and from 2014 (left on the photo, 1 winner) of Ronni Le Tekrø (TNT).


3. An autographed photo card of WIG WAM from 2005 (1 winner)

The same one as what we gave before.  Time flies…..


4. An autographed flyer of Japan Tour 2007 of WIG WAM (1 winner)

The same one as what we gave before. Since they announced their reunion last year, we’re expecting their Japan Tour 🙂


5. An autographed EP of Erika – “Heavenly” (1 winner)

A Swedish single out in 1991. The same one as what we gave before.


6. An EP of GLORY – “This Is The Love” (1 winner)

A Swedish single out in 1989.


7. An EP of TALK OF THE TOWN – “Feel My Heartbeat/Sing To The World” (1 winner)

A Swedish single out in 1988.


8. A Norwegian CD of STAGE DOLLS – “STORIES WE COULD TELL 1983-1993” (1 winner)

The best album out in 1993. The Japanese edition was out (almost) without promotion…..


9. A Norwegian CD of MB Normann(Mai Britt Normann)  – “FULL OF LIGHT” (1 winner)

The album of MB (Mai Britt) Normann who used to release a Japanese CD, out in 2000. Ronni, Morty Black (Skaget), Steinar Krogstad, Dag Stokke etc. played for this album.



10 winners will receive a present. We hope you’ll find every stuff above is in secondhand condition. There would be slight scratches on CD/record, damages on sleeves/jackets/poster/flyers/guitar picks.



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2.Ronni Le Tekrøギターピック 90年代のもの(画像右、1名様)、2014年来日のもの(画像左、1名様)



3.WIG WAM直筆サイン入りフォトカード(2005年時、1名様)



4.WIG WAM直筆サイン入りチラシ(2007年来日時、1名様)



5.Erikaサイン入り”Heavenly” EP (1名様)



6.GLORY “This Is The Love” EP(1名様)



7.TALK OF THE TOWN “Feel My Heartbeat/Sing To The World” スウェーデン盤EP(1名様)



8.STAGE DOLLS “STORIES WE COULD TELL 1983-1993″ノルウェー盤CD(1名様)



9.MB Normann(Mai Britt Normann) “FULL OF LIGHT”ノルウェー盤CD(1名様)

かつて日本盤も出していたMB (Mai Britt) Normannの2000年の作品。Ronni、Morty Black (Morten Skaget)、Steinar Krogstad、Dag Stokkeが参加しました。


















MATCHES FOR MAGGIE (1997) (English)

5 track mini album of MATCHES FOR MAGGIE was released in 1996, only 300 copies.




Answers for our questionnaire from MATCHES FOR MAGGIE in 1997 in S-ROCK issue vol. 3 published in 1998.



Band members of MATCHES FOR MAGGIE in 1997:

Eirikur Hauksson (Vo)
Henning Ramseth (G)
Vidar Tyriberget (B)
Eskil Håkonsen  (Ds)




1. What are you doing these days, for new album, for concerts or having holidays?
2. Let us know your latest album / demo tape. What do you want people to pay attention on it? Let us know your favorite songs from it.
3. What do you image from a word “Japan”?
4. What is your goal as a musician? How about as yourself?
5. Let us know your music career and what kind of music you used to play.
6. Let us know your taste of music, your favorite musicians and bands.
7. A message to your Japanese fans for S-ROCK. And your autograph, please.


1996年に300枚限定で発表されたMATCHES FOR MAGGIEのミニ・アルバム。




1998年発行の弊誌S-ROCK vol. 3に掲載された、1997年当時のMATCHES FOR MAGGIEの質問状回答を掲載します。



1997年当時のMATCHES FOR MAGGIEのメンバー:

Eirikur Hauksson (Vo)
Henning Ramseth (G)
Vidar Tyriberget (B)
Eskil Håkonsen  (Ds)